Founder & Designer, Sarah has always had a strong passion for creating ever since she was a little girl. When she was 8 she lived in an apartment above an interior design store with her father. Whenever the interior design store would throw away there swatch books of fabrics, her father would collect them and pass them on to her, who then would design and make all of the outfits for her dolls.

In 2009 Sarah learned how to sew and then started designing and sewing all of her own one of a kind swimsuits in her bedroom. She would go to downtown Los Angeles in search for unique prints and textured fabrics. Sarah would gift her creations to her friends. In 2014 she decided to start Swim Like A Mermaid. For the first year she made every swimsuit herself. Stores started reaching out wanting to carry Mermaid. Sarah then realized she couldn’t fullfill orders sewing each swimsuit herself, so she then decided it was time to start looking into manufacturing.

Swim Like A Mermaid works with small family-owned fabric businesses and factories in downtown Los Angeles supporting local businesses and the ethical practice of slow-fashion. Creating swimsuits using deadstock fabric left over from major fashion brands. Deadstock fabric is the stuff designers and manufacturers leave behind on the sewing table. So instead of creating thousands of swimsuits at a time, she only makes  a limited number of pieces, taking us back to the beginning of Swim Like A Mermaid’s limited edition vision.

To this day Sarah still sews and makes all of the first samples herself. She designs for herself, making the swimsuits she wants to wear.  The passion for her is being able to create something with her own hands, that people can wear. Understanding what goes into creating each piece before having a factory produce it.